вторник, 31 августа 2010 г.

Pwn3d By J3sus


Look at the Title, 'nuff said.


Also, people getting punched in the face before enjoying a meal.

REAAALLLYY funny car chase


Hilarious, I love how the women gets out of her car to flip off the cops then gets back in and keeps driving.

Funniest Show Evar

Lol who remembers this episode, cant wait till new season in September.

Problem With Video Games

I really dont understand why companies release games 1-2 YEARS before they're actually going to hit the shelves. Its not like were going to stay excited for the game for two years. I was reading GameInformer a while ago and the cover was Infamous 2, I thought "Oh man this is going to be so awesome" and read the entire article. I check the release date and its 2012. Im not going to remember Infamous 2 every day for 2 years. Thats why I think game developers should announce the game maybe a month before it comes out because that way we actually have something to look foward too.


Hurricane earl might hit the east coast early friday morning hitting North Carolina first. It is a category 4 hurricane and its moving toward the east coast at 13 miles per hour. Its carrying maximum sustained winds at 135 miles per hour. Watch out North Carolina, your labor day weekend might be ruined.

The Last Exorcism Hit In Box Office

The last exorcism cost 1.8mil to make and made 21mil opening week. When I saw the trailers for this movie I know it was going to be a move like Paranormal Activity, low cost but makes a lot of money. If your a horror movie fan then The Last Exorcism would be a movie for you, go watch it.